To all my FCF brothers, friends of Louisiana Royal Rangers and lovers of the great outdoors, a warm heartfelt welcome.

I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to be part of Royal Rangers, Rangers is a dynamic ministry enabling myself and many others to reach the four corner of this globe with the good news of the gospel.

I put this site together to show how God can use a very ordinary man to proclaim the greatest message the world has ever heard,the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Gods Kingdom is made up of ordinary men doing extraordinary deeds empowered by the Holy Spirit.

I found this journey is a journey that every man can make, be he strong or be he weak. It is a journey every man can make, be he successful or a failure. It is a journey every man can make, be he full of faith or has little faith.

This is an exciting journey like no other so come with me and letís see what God has done what God is doing, and what God will be doing in the future.

Come and we both can reach from the mountain tops and touch the clouds that God our Father rides upon. Psalms 68.